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Design, Creation & Fantasy


Full service Interior Design firm based in Houston, Texas, focusing on Residential, Commercial and Landscape projects. 

Jean Quila caters to every detail of interior and exterior design. He is an experienced Interior Designer, with over 15 years  creating  beautiful, creative and functional spaces that captures your personality and help you be at your best everyday while truly loving your place. He brings dream homes to life and adds style and sophistication to your home with a curated selection of paints, furniture, fabric, finished, objects, art. 

Check Out Our Reviews!


Ryan DiGiovanni

Jean, oh Jean, the depths of his talent as an interior designer know no bounds!. His passion for his craft is like a burning flame that ignites the rooms he touches. I cannot recommend his services enough, for he will surely transform your space into a love story design.


Ruben Builes

Jean Quila has done extensive work for the business I manage. A 24,000 square facility, it took months of work but it has been worth the investment in time and money. He managed construction and performed interior design. 


Maria Ines Perez

We started with master bedroom and bathroom! Then dining room/living room then kitchen then the entrance. I wish I'd have more rooms so we could work together more. Loved working with him!

What We Do


Home furnishing selections and layout


Custom furnishings


Renovation and new construction design


Drapery and window treatment

Our Process


I personally take the time to meet you so I can understand your lifestyle and needs through a fun discovery process so we can work together to create a plan for your space that captures your personality and expectations.


I create a floor plan with a detailed plan of action to help you visualize the final look of your place.


Our team communicate with contractors, craftsman and trusted vendors. We are in charge of ordering new furnishing, fixtures, and accessories to bring dream homes to life.


I stay hands on each step of the way to ensure every detail fall into place in the right way. I work with a full team of home improvement professionals who cater to your needs to bring your interior design vision into reality with exceptional quality.


My favorite part is the look in clients faces when they see the end result of their project. Your home has been fully designed, with exceptional care.


Your dream home will be our point of departure. I will give it the right orientation to make that idea come true. We have a multi-faceted approach including architectural and interior design. We will bring vibrancy to your home with a curated selection of paints, furniture, fabric, finishes, objects, art, illumination. We also design and build custom-made furniture for your home or business if you are in need of something unique and interesting.


We will partner with the business owner to realize their ideal locale, a place where customers and guests feel welcome and comfortable, a place where sales thrive. 

We fulfill businesses needs for interior design, decoration, and construction projects. We serve boutiques, beauty salons, stores, hotels, offices, bars, nightclubs, and others. 


Whether you’re building a new house or just trying to improve the curb appeal of your current home, Jean Quila can provide you with professional landscape design. Want to add a flagstone patio? Need some fresh ideas for your backyard? Thinking about putting in a pool, but not sure what to do about the landscaping? We will work with you to develop a custom landscape design for your property, based on your needs, preferences.

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