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Full-service Interior Design firm based in Houston, Texas, focusing on Residential, Commercial, and Landscape projects.



Jean Quila pays close attention to every interior and exterior design detail, creating functional and beautiful spaces for his clients.

With his experience, he can significantly improve his clients' lives and productivity through his plans. He will transform your home or business into a stunning masterpiece. With his custom designs, he guarantees to exceed your expectations. Don't wait any longer. Request a consultation today to get started.

What We Do
dinning room

Home furnishing selections and layout

wine cellar

Custom Spaces

construction design

Renovation and new construction design

drapery and window treatment

Drapery and window treatment

Custom Spaces & Custom Furnishings

Whether you’re building a new house or just trying to improve the curb appeal of your current home, Jean Quila can provide you with professional garden landscape design. We will work with you to develop a custom landscape design for your property based on your needs and preferences.


Your dream home will be our point of departure. I will give it the proper orientation to make that idea come true. We have a multi-faceted approach, including architectural and interior design. We will bring vibrancy to your home with a curated selection of paints, furniture, fabric, finishes, objects, art, and illumination. We also design and build custom-made furniture for your home or business if you require something unique and exciting.



We will partner with the business owner to realize their ideal locale, where customers and guests feel welcome and comfortable and where sales thrive. 
We fulfill businesses' needs for interior design, decoration, and construction projects. We serve boutiques, beauty salons, stores, hotels, offices, bars, nightclubs, and more.

Our Happy Clients

Ryan DiGiovanni


Jean, oh Jean, the depths of his talent as an interior designer know no bounds! His passion for his craft is like a burning flame that ignites the rooms he touches. I cannot recommend his services enough, for he will transform your space into a love story design.


Ruben Builes

Jean Quila has done extensive work for the business I manage. A 24,000 square facility, it took months of work, but it has been worth the investment in time and money. He supervised construction and performed interior design. 


Maria Ines Perez

We started with the primary bedroom and bathroom! Then the dining room/living room, then the kitchen, then the entrance. I wish I'd had more room so we could work together more. I loved working with him!

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651 Bering Dr, Houston, TX 77057


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