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Commercial Projects

Project: Topsy’s ice cream stores

Client: Corporation Kronfle

Date: August, 2015-Guayaquil, Ecuador

Description: This project was made under a fresh and youthful style where the colors of the logo were used on walls, furniture and lying. The granite white used at the base of the counters helped us in the reflection of lighting and the freshness of the product as well as the use of wood formica and its veins gives us an address, use of vinyl letters and photographs tells us that we want and how to enjoy them.

Project: Dunkin’ Donuts, Plaza Lagos Street Mall

Client: Corporation Kronfle

Date: November, 2015-Guayaquil, Ecuador

Description: In this project we use colors, wallpapers that ask us why we have to respect the lines of the franchise, the use of steel as details gives us rigidity and freshness, as well as the use of formica and its veins in a vertical direction It helps us up. We have a lamp that simulates that it is floating to add another modern touch as well as its spots that illuminate the area and the purple colored hose under the front detail of the counter top.

Project: Dunkin’ Donuts Flag Ship

Client: Corporation Kronfle

Date: December, 2015-Guayaquil, Ecuador

Description: This is the most important place that Ecuador has for its size and location, in the same way we rely on its colors, its wallpaper, use of forms and others, but fortunately we were able to create something modern and exotic in the area of ​​the tables since in front of the main counter top we were able to create and do something different.

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