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10 easy tips to make a room look expensive

1)Supersize your headboard

The bigger the better. Huge headboards make your room expensive and attractive.

Big headboard

2) Style Clutter

A clean and organized room looks more elegant and expensive and helps you focus on what matters.

Shelves style

3) Layer pillows

Don't be shy. Play with different colors and textures to add some charm and luxury to your room.

4)Update your bed linen

This is probably the most important to add some luxury and comfort to your room. If the fabric makes you smile and makes you look forward to bedtime is the right one for you.

pillows layered and bed linen updated

5)Style Your Nightstand.

Play with different sizes and try to add things in odd numbers to create a pleasant looking spot in your room.

night stand decor

6) Add some texture and warmth with a rug.

A rug can anchor, define and add personality to any room. Make sure is pleasant to walk on it every day for a luxury feeling.

rug adding texture and warmth

7) Add Built Ins Shelving

Add storage and display space and at the same time increase your property's value with high quality Built- in shelves.

Built in Shelving decor

8) Include a seating area.

Create an harmonious atmosphere in your room with a seating area.

seating area with art

9) Hang your curtains "High and Wide" and kiss the floor.

High end drapes makes such a difference in every room. For extra luxury points use statement hardware.

luxury curtains hanged high and wide

10)Display Art. Go large preferably.

Size in art matters. Transform your room and set the mood for a wonderful experience with a beautiful art piece.

Big art

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